COVID-19 Update:

Below is the guidance from BC’s Restart plan – we are recommending that volunteers, agencies and anyone else coming into the warehouse wear a mask. 

Mask guidance: 

Masks are recommended in indoor public places for all people 12 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated. The mask mandate order under the Emergency Program Act was lifted July 1.

·        You're fully vaccinated 14 days after dose 2

·        Masks are optional for children aged 2 to 12

·        Children under 2 should not wear masks

·        Proof of vaccination does not need to be requested by service providers

·        Some people may choose to continue to wear a mask after they're fully vaccinated and that's okay

PHO guidance:

·        Increased social contact

·        If you or anyone in your family feels sick stay home and get tested immediately

*Anyone who can not come to a depot is encouraged to give the IDs for their household to someone else who can collect food for them. That person must be prepared to show their ID as well*

Bags Notice: Starting Monday, March 22nd all clients are asked to bring recycled or reusable bags to our depots to help pack food items. 

Loaves and Fishes Food Bank

Hours of Operation
Monday: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Thursday: 1:00PM - 3:00PM

Regular Hamper and Food 4U Hamper Drive Through and Walk Up

Please note: If you are registering for the first time or doing a 6 month re-registration at our Farquhar depot, please do not join the drive-thru line-up, but park across from the Farquhar depot and walk in to see our on-site computer clerk. After you have registered your household you can then utilize the drive-thru for the next 6 months by showing your ID through the drivers side window.

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